“I worked with PlusPac for years, when I was general manager for LaBonne Cuisine. It was a great relationship, because PlusPac are very flexible and nimble. They could adjust production runs quickly and easily to suit us. If we misjudged purchasing cut off days or orders, they’d move quickly and get the stock we needed. PlusPac even labelled the lids for us, which saved on machinery costs.”

Barry Kitching,
former General Manager,
LaBonne Cuisine


Case study: Gonutz

Gonutz is a New Zealand-owned snack food company based in Henderson, Auckland. Their healthy snacks look great in crystal clear packs, designed and manufactured by Pluspac.

“We commissioned Pluspac to make a tub mold, based on my design idea. They worked it through to create a great result.
The packaging really helps Gonutz products to sell.” 

Mark Whyte,