Types of packaging we can produce:

  • Trays for food, medical supplies, board games and more
  • Containers for everything from nails and screws to snacks and lollies
  • Lids, bowls and pots in every shape and size
  • Clamshells and blisters – slide on and heat seal. If your product doesn’t fit our standard blisters, clamshells or slide blisters, we can create a customised solution with minimal tooling
  • Hinged sandwich wedges - crystal clear packaging keeps sandwiches fresh, and customers can see what they’re getting
  • Merchandising trays that help your products to sell themselves on the shelf
  • Hang-sell packs to protect your product and provide a vehicle for selling messages


Case study: Gonutz

Gonutz is a New Zealand-owned snack food company based in Henderson, Auckland. Their healthy snacks look great in crystal clear packs, designed and manufactured by Pluspac.

“We commissioned Pluspac to make a tub mold, based on my design idea. They worked it through to create a great result.
The packaging really helps Gonutz products to sell.” 

Mark Whyte,


Materials we work with:

  • PVC
  • PET
  • High Impact Polystyrene
  • EVOH (modified atmosphere)
  • PLA (bio degradable corn starch)

Each material has its merits. Some are more suitable than others. We can advise you of the best material to use for your particular needs and budget.

Our equipment and processes

We’re equipped with both thermoforming and injection molding equipment.
Thermoforming is known for its flexibility in tooling and engineering, and its fast set-up.
It involves preheating a flat sheet of plastic and bringing it into contact with a mold. The process offers close tolerances, tight specifications and sharp detail for your custom plastic parts. 
Injection moldinginvolves feeding material into a heated barrel, where it is mixed and forced into a mold cavity. It cools and hardens to the configuration of the cavity. We always choose the process that’s most suitable for your project.