The creative process for custom-made packaging

The process of designing effective, attractive rigid packaging begins with an idea.


We start with a brief to develop concepts, with our years of industry experience we will help you refine to achieve an attractive yet practical design.


Our designers use advanced 3D computer aided design (CAD) software. You’ll be able to see the designs from every angle. you then have the option to print a 3D to pack product before finalising.

Material choice

Our detailed knowledge of raw materials and production techniques ensures your packaging will be produced using the most appropriate material – for your purpose and your budget.

Matching to the most sustainable material is equally important, as active members in the packaging industry this gives our customers a unique insight into how their packaging circulates through the packaging waste system.

Precision tooling

Once the virtual or physical prototype is signed off, we move to the tooling stage. Aluminium is our preferred tooling material, because it produces the best result at the best price. But we also use resin for tooling in situations where volumes are lower. Knife design is crucial where smooth edges are required. When tooling is complete, samples will be produced for your sign off.

Our equipment and processes

We’re equipped with both thermoforming and injection molding equipment.
Thermoforming is known for its flexibility in tooling and engineering, and its fast set-up.
It involves preheating a flat sheet of plastic and bringing it into contact with a mold. The process offers close tolerances, tight specifications and sharp detail for your custom plastic parts. 

Injection molding involves feeding material into a heated barrel, where it is mixed and forced into a mold cavity. It cools and hardens to the configuration of the cavity. We always choose the process that’s most suitable for your project