New Zealand-owned business with a great track record




Plus Pac is an NZ-owned family business that has been operating since the early 1980s.

Managing Director Trevor Allsebrook provides our clients with the unique combination of financial management expertise and rigid plastic packaging know-how.

Many of the businessesworking with Plus Pac today have been with the company since the very beginning, because our team focuses on adding value and sharp thinking at every opportunity.
We can effectively become an extension of your production department.


10 benefits of working with Plus Pac

1. Customers in the mid-volume range can have ‘just in time’ supply – even daily deliveries are possible in some cases. This helps you to manage cashflow in line with seasonal demand.
2. Our advanced thermoforming and injection-molding machines can produce virtually any kind or rigid plastic packaging from APET, HIPS or PVC.
3. Plus Pac’s engineers have many years of experience – gained locally and internationally.
4. Working with your forecast information, we can schedule production to meet your requirements.
5. We have a reputation for producing a high-quality end package that will look after your product.
6. We’re experts at finding ways to preserve your packaging budget, so that your product stays competitive.
7. Our problem-solving abilities are a real strength. Don’t try to figure it out yourself, let us wrestle with the challenge.
8. At Plus Pac we recycle virtually all of the plastic waste we create. Even PVC is recycled (we send it to overseas recyclers).
9. If you’re not happy with your current supplier, it costs nothing to talk to us about a solution that will provide a better result.
10. We stay up-to-date with plastic packaging advances and regularly attend international trade shows. Want something really new and different?

Talk to us.